The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez

Forbidden to perform in Geelong. Showered with gold nuggets in Ballarat. So popular in Sydney tickets were sold at auction. In fact, the creator of “the most libertinish and indelicate performance that could be given on the public stage”(Sydney Morning Herald 1855). Lola Montez.

World premiere season! Her Majesty’s Theatre, Ballarat 27-30 July 2017

Touring Victoria and NSW August – September

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Lola Montez was the wildest showgirl of the nineteenth century; and her 1855 Australian tour put Mick Jagger to shame. Risqué, rabble rousing and skirt raising, she horsewhipped her critics (including the editor of the Ballarat Times), swung down mineshafts on a single rope with champagne in hand, created the infamous erotic spider dance (allegedly with no underwear), escaped arrest dressed only in her jewels… Showered with gold nuggets and insults, Lola Montez swept through Australia and its goldfields leaving a wake of scandal, outraged citizens & lovesick miners. And a heady scent of freedom and true lies in a history that has never been forgotten.

Now Finucane & Smith, the multi-award winning, globally acclaimed creators of Glory Box, Burlesque Hour & the legendary Caravan Burlesque tour, who were hailed in town after town around Australia as “the most risqué dames to hit the regions since Lola” have partnered with Her Majesty’s Theatre in Ballarat (the very town where Lola horse-whipped the editor!) to develop a luscious dreamscape of true lies, show-stopping dance & jaw-dropping tales of Lola Montez.

Created from a thousand stories true & false, and a line up of some of Australia’s most awarded artists, Lola is a richly textured dreamscape of her exotic lives: a wild web of storytelling, dance, myths, legends & truths as complicated & seductive as Lola’s infamous spider dance itself. Like the infamous Variety Burlesques of old, Lola will unfurl on stage in a cloud of black Spanish lace and ‘lily-white skin’, sensual dance, literary adventure and hilarious storytelling and, of course, a death scene or three.


Written By:  Jackie Smith

Directed By: Moira Finucane

Performers: Caroline Lee & Holly Durant

Sonic Worlds: Shinjuku Thief (Darrin Verhagen & Ben Keene)

Lighting Design: Gillian Schwab

Jewels & Couture: Keon Couture, Isaac Lummis, Angela Clark

Dramaturgy: Peta Murray






The Exotic Lives of Lola Montez

The wildest showgirl of the nineteenth century returns.

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The Flood

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Salon de Danse

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The Feast of Argentina Gina Catalina

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The ‘beauty queen of the damned’ unleashes the Gothic in all her wicked ways.


Caravan Burlesque

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