Moira Finucane is the beauty queen of the damned

HERALD SUN, Melbourne

Sexy, potent and in-your-face … explosive, irreverent and confronting


Seductive, utterly subversive and bursting at the seams with monstrous talent  

SUNDAY AGE, Melbourne


“Seductive, utterly subversive and bursting at the seams with monstrous talent” Sunday Age, MELBOURNE

“Sexy, potent and in-your-face … explosive, irreverent and confronting” THE AUSTRALIAN

“Those who have seen performance artist Moira Finucane in action would concur that she is less an actor and more a force of nature – her work is concentrated and intensely controlled, sexually charged and compellingly strange, minutely choreographed and unsettling” The Age, MELBOURNE

“Stunning, powerful, emotive…Like David Lynch’s ideal of vaudeville” 4ZZZ, BRISBANE

“Stunning… At the heart of their extraordinary shows is Finucane’s volcanic physical presence and willingness to always go ‘too far’” Sydney Morning Herald, SYDNEY

“Moira Finucane is the beauty queen of the damned” Herald Sun, MELBOURNE

“With their supreme artistry, they have developed a highly theatrical performance style all of their own, utterly convincing and entirely original” MELBOURNE STAGE

“Unmissable… the minds that inspired it are as sexy as the bodies that perform it…comic, erotic, dynamic, acrobatic… The Burlesque Hour is a night to remember that will retain its power to delight and disturb long after the Carnival is over” The Age, MELBOURNE

“If you’re kinky you’ll love this stuff. If you’re not, you’ll have to reinvent your brain…One amazing show” Brisbane Courier Mail, BRISBANE

“You might very well need to recover in a nice quiet room after Finucane’s astonishingly trippy and confronting performance. Simply put, this woman is bent. And very funny. Those of you who have seen Finucane in action will already have a ticket, we’re sure. For the rest, we urge you to buy one. This will keep you up for days.” Sydney Star Observer, SYDNEY

“The finale involves large plastic cartons of milk, Moira Finucane’s powerful thighs, and that’s all we’re saying” Adelaide Advertiser, ADELAIDE

“Is Moira Finucane Australia’s first post modern comic?” WEST AUSTRALIAN

“Cheeky, witty and intelligent…. an edgy, satirical and exhuberantly risque evening…different, daring and wonderful … we say bring it on Canberra Times, CANBERRA

“Always puts a velvet clad boot into any preconceptions you may have about ‘burlesque’. It’s outrageous, hilarious sometimes shocking, and stronger than ever” Sunday Age, MELBOURNE

“I’ve written a lot this week about authenticity, originality, and other words we bandy around in regard to art.  All are difficult to define, but obvious when we see them. The cabaret/burlesque/butoh/gothic/ bloody-terrific creations of Moira Finucane and Jackie Smith continue to be both – and so much more” Aus. Theatre, AUSTRALIA

”High Octane…witty… intense…sometimes brutal” SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

”I thought I would have nightmare after seeing this show but it was a fantastically indecent and breath-taking night!! In this political time, this indecent and crazy event was so perfect to have at the old warehouse in Yokohama, where it was as if “evil place” in a famous action movie popped up for one night only. Big applause!!” Wander Distance Magazine, YOKOHAMA, JAPAN

“The most shocking dance I’ve ever seen in my life…. I found my self laughing without making any sound” Nagignon Dance, JAPAN

“I’ve held my breath whole way through…Yumi Umiumare and Moira Finucane made me not stop laughing. If I have to choose either to die or not see this show, I rather die! My last night of living should be with full of happiness and pleasure!!” Ameblo, TOKYO

”Extraordinary…powerful…when burlesque is good, it is transforming for performer and audience and has a unique ability to enter the mainstream without losing any of its power to subvert. After all, Finucane has played the Sydney Opera House without changing her act one jot… this art form has life in it yet” The Guardian, UK

“Freakshow seduces A List” LONDON Evening Standard

“From the sublime to the subversive, the hot to the hilarious… outrageous and unforgettable” LONDON TIMES, UK

“Previously I thought variety, like rickets and child labour, was a relic of the Victorian age we were well rid of. But Medium Rare is like a giant box of chocolates – there are lots of things you’ll like as well as a few surprises … Hence the flesh-flashing routines performed by Moira Finucane owe as much to performance art as to stripping.” The Evening Standard, LONDON

ALT Allt om Stockholm Din Guide Till, STOCKHOLM

“Moira Finucane … the most unexpected, sometimes frightening, sometimes hilarious, and completely artistically unique” Svenska Dagbladet, SWEDEN

”All through the lively performances at the Magic Mirror late night show, the people in the front row must have wondered why they had this plastic cover on their lap. As Moira Finucane came up for her Dairy Queen performance, the reason quickly became apparent. I ended up having to lick the milk ofF my lens to continue shooting the show after this shot. Sziget 360, HUNGARY

“exceptionnel réalisant de somptueux, jusqu’à la folle burlesque, Moira Finucane, crevant des ballons avec ses seins ou éjaculant du lait sur le public! Terrible ! Et bien sur il ne va pas être difficile de me convaincre d´y retourner tous les soirs pour y finir mes nuits. (exceptionally sumptuous demented burlesque, Moira Finucane, bursting balloons with her breasts and ejaculating milk on the public! Terrible ! Et bien sur il ne va pas être difficile de me convaincre d´y retourner tous les soirs pour y finir mes nuits . Terrible! And of course it will not be hard to convince me to return every night. Vogagen Bus, FRANCE

”Sexually emancipated, hilarious and kerosene fuelled… gender bending, bodice ripping, stereotype trashing, neo-circus cabaret madness” Metro, UK

“Fairground attraction meets sexy sideshow burlesque in the hottest temptation of the Festival” Scotland on Sunday, SCOTLAND

“Every single artiste is wickedly entertaining, yet hugely different… saucier than your Edinburgh chippy … grotesquely addictive … with more than a tablespoonful of gothic sex appeal…” Three Weeks, UK

“Jaw dropping, feisty, seductive, dynamic… I suggest you grab a drink, sit back and allow yourself to be thrilled. Unmissable”. Edinburgh Guide, SCOTLAND

”gob smacked and hungry for more” Tarnaki Daily News NEW ZEALAND

”Fantastico! … has its audience – those lucky enough to get one, riveted to their seats.” IL PICCOLO, ITALY

”Dramatic, original, effective, breathtaking … beyond genre: the cabaret variety set on fire, definitely” Vecer News, SLOVENIA

“Intensive and hairsplitting physicality… it opens up a whole new world, a world of the surreal” Dnevnik News, SLOVENIA

”Transgressive, razor sharp and explosive” Novi,Rijeka, CROATIA